Take in consideration how your DJ is keeping you safe at your Orlando area venue.

When having an even in this time, there is always a concern of safety for you and your guest. Here are some ways we do our best to keep you safe:

  • Wearing a Mask – Its a simple thing really, when we are DJing we are wearing a mask, when we are around you or your guest, we are wearing a mask
  • Temperature Checks – Our DJ gets temperature checked prior to every event.
  • Hand Sanitizer – We keep hand sanitizer at the booth for our DJs, so you know their hands are always sanitized
  • Equipment Cleaning – We keep all equipment clean and sanitized, Microphones or anything that is passed around as such is sanitized between each user.
  • Contactless Request – We are providing our Digital Request System Request Now free of charge for all of our events, this lets your guest text in their request to the DJ